XGIMI Z6 Polar Mini home cinéma intelligent portable 3D Android 6.0 wifi 1080P Full HD Home cinéma Bluetooth projecteurs

XGIMI Z6 Polar Mini home cinéma intelligent portable 3D Android 6.0 wifi 1080P Full HD Home cinéma Bluetooth projecteurs


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  • 1080p Resolution with 4K support

  • 45 mm dual harman/kardon Hi-Fi stereo sound

  • Mstar 838 CPU & Mali-T820 GPU

  • Massvie(up to 180")display

  • Auto Focus and Keystone Correction

  • Transform 2D videos to 3d with optical lens support

  • Global version: EU or US adaptor; different languages: English,Spanish,French,Deutsch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Chines

XGIMI Z6 Polar

Minimalist life, Need Less But Have More.

Every big choice you made towards life defines who you are, Z6 Polar 1080p Screenless TV simplifies your life but creates more fun. If you are not sure about what do you want, a good movie may give the answer.

Enjoy Your Private Cinema At Home.

Z6 Polar can project a 180-inch screen with full HD by using DLP optical projection technology of Texas instrument, which can easily provide you a prime viewing experience in the bedroom.

Never Miss Any Detail

1080P Native Resolution, Support 2K/4K

Unlike other projectors that only support 1080p, Z6 Polar's native resolution is 1920x1080 that can project in true HD, and 2,25x clearer than mainstream 720p projectors (2,073,600 pixels).

Motion compensation technologyHDR 10/27PET/ Square Pixel Structure

Experience a Movie With Hollywood Color

Z6 Polar can provide the incredible image color and viewing experience by adopting Four Channels Optical Path Design.

Bring You a Vivid Enjoyment

Z6 Polar is using the motion compensation technology, through a specific algorithm to solve the image fluttern and tailing problems when it is projecting high dynamic images. Z6 Polar significantly increases the clarity and fidelity of dynamic pictures, it will be the perfect companion for watching sports and playing games.

Distinct Gradations, Rich details

Z6 supports HDR 10 decode in order to solve low-contrast problem. It presents a wider color range and more details on bright and dark areas.

​Crystal Clear Picture With Square Pixel Structure

Comparing to diamond-shaped pixel, Z6 Polar adopts square pixel structure that makes the imageedge more smoothly and natural. The text is more clear and sharp

Meet Your 180-inch Private Cinema

Z6 Polar is built in with fast focus function and prefessional high-definition camera, the image will be auto focused once the projector is on instead of manual operation.

Fast Auto Focus/ Sensitivity HD Camera Lens

Side Projection Function

Can Always Find A Perfect Position For Z6 Polar

Z6 Polar is built with extensive keystone correction software, which provides an optimal image to users from virtually any angle and eliminating many of the hassles of optimal set-up

Extra Care Of Eyes :Diffuse Reflectance Imaging

After a long day of work , enjoy a relaxing movie without further tiring your eyes.

DRI technology provides extra eye protection from avoiding direct light to your eyes. no worries of watching too long.

Two Things That Enlighten Your life : Movie And Music

Built-In Harman Kardon Superior Sound Quality

Z6 Polar has top of the line harman/kardon customized stereo that provides vibrant, accurate and theater-quality sound

High Transparency Coated Glass Lens

Integrative enclosed lens design

comparing to previous lens cover design, Z6 Polar's enclosed lens is more ware-resisting and capable to provide overall lens protection. This aesthetic integrated design efficiently avoid lens ware and dust problem.

More Powerful CPU+GPU

Z6 Polar is able to support videos with higher frame frequency and create immersive audio-visual experience base on the brand new Mstar 838 CPU and Mail-T820 GPU and 2GB Storage

Minimalist Design Carries Aesthetics And Rich Functionality

Z6 Polar remains the concept of the less is more , it can goes well with any home design.

Each fillet has been well polished to show the ultimate elegance;

Nest-shaped sound hole is not only assists sound output but ensures the fan operation in a silent way.

The Pioneer Of 2D To 3D

Z6 Polar introduces active shutter 3D vision technology, bringing you an authentic watching experience when you play any videos of 2D to 3D mode.

​Dual-Band 2.4/5G WiFi, Say Goodbye To Video Buffering

Z6 Polar adopts brand new 802.11ac WiFi technology, which supports MIMO double transceiver function and provides more stable internet connection. Online video streaming will be more smoothly without signal interference.

Efficient Ports Ensure Stable Transmission

Z6 Polar is equipped with HDMI(ARC) interface that supports high quality image signal transmission.

Pairing with your Switch,PS4,XBOX and other game consoles and enjoy the vivid game world.

BRADERIE Sauver US $429.57 et Rabais 43% pour Routeur d'origine Xiao mi mi 4A Gigabit édition 100M 1000M 2.4GHz 5GHz WiFi ROM 16 mo DDR3 64 mo 128 mo 4 antennes télécommande APP avec Classement des produits: 4.9 de Volume ventes au détail: 6 et Derniers prix: US $23.62
Vous devez vous assurer qu'avant d'acheter un XGIMI Z6 Polar Mini home cinéma intelligent portable 3D Android 6.0 wifi 1080P Full HD Home cinéma Bluetooth projecteurs vous avez déjà vu et feuilleté les commentaires des clientes du produit d'abord. De une façon, vous pouvez être sûr que vous gagnez le bon produit qui conviendra à vos éxigences. Depuis ce XGIMI Z6 Polar Mini home cinéma intelligent portable 3D Android 6.0 wifi 1080P Full HD Home cinéma Bluetooth projecteurs peut une bonne qualité, il est parmi les meilleurs négociants de la ville maintenant et nombre de gens recommandent le produit à leur groupe social et leurs amis. Les jours-ci, ce produit se révèle être vraiment abordable pour quasiment tout le monde et c'est un très bon achat pour l'argent. Votre personne n'avez pas besoin marchandises moins chers s'il non fera que saboter votre travail et ne vous donnera pas le genre de qualité dont vous disposez besoin dans le produit. Avec le prix plus élevé, vous pouvez être sûr succinct votre argent vaut cette dépense dans cet texte.
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