VISBELLA cuir vinyle Kit de réparation colle couleur pâte pour voiture réparation outils à main ensembles siège vêtements cuir bottes déchirures fixer fissures

VISBELLA cuir vinyle Kit de réparation colle couleur pâte pour voiture réparation outils à main ensembles siège vêtements cuir bottes déchirures fixer fissures


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VISBELLA Leather Vinyl Repair Kit Glue Color Paste for Car Repair Hand Tool Sets Seat Clothing Leather Boots Rips fix Crack Cuts

Item Description:

Visbella DIY leather and vinyl repair kit is very handy and easy to help you to repair any cracks,cuts,burns and tears on leather and vinyl materials.A variety of colors and grain papers designed to match surrounding materials makes repairs blend in with existing A color matching guide helps determine the correct color to match the damaged surface. With the complete directions that are included in the kit, you can achieve a quality result without the cost or expertise of a professional.

Packing List:

Kit Contains

Other Information

7* Heat Cure Compounds 2* Grain Papers 1*15ml Repair Adhesive 1* Leather Piece 1* Backing Fabric 1* Practice Spatula 1* Mixing Cup 1* Heat Transfer Tool 1* Gloves 1* Instruction Manual


Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White


12 months

Features and Advantages:

1.Easy to follow step-by-step instructions 2.Matches all popular colors & grains 3.Does not migrate during cure 4.Saves the cost and no heat required Item Pictures: Handy tips: 1.Before using the product, it is recommended to first practice on an area that is usually unseen or hidden from view (the back of your couch for example) or with the provided sample. 2.When mixing your desired color, check the color match by rubbing a small amount of the paint onto the undamaged vinyl. Remove the paint with a rag. 3.During steps 2 and 4, you can use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. Keep the paint jar cap dosed to prevent the paint from drying up. Also, make sure the sealer adhesive is not left open for an extensive amount of time. 4.For repairs smaller than 1/4 of an inch, the backing fabric is not required in the repair. 5.If too much adhesive is applied, use a wet sponge to remove excess adhesive before it dries. If the adhesive dries, use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to remove the dried adhesive. Product Instruction: Step1. prepare and clean the damaged area Clean the damaged area with a household cleaner. Make sure the area is dry before starting the repair. Carefully trim off frayed, excess threads, of charred material with razor blade or knife. If there is burn damage, remove charred material with razor or knife. Step2. Insert backing fabric For repairs greater than 1/4 inch, cut the enclosed backing fabric slightly larger than the damaged area. Use the spatula to insert the backing fabric into and under the damaged to provide support for the repair. Step3.Choose grain paper On the top center of the grain paper, make an outline of the damaged area. This will allow you to accurately position the heat transfer in step7. Step4. Fill the damage For deep damages, like a vinyl dashboard, use the vinyl adhesive to glue the backing fabric in place and fill in damaged area to level with the surface. Allow the adhesive to fully dry. This will take 2-3 hours at room temperature a hair dryer can be used to speed up this process). The adhesive will shrink slightly when dry, leaving a void which will be filled in with the colored repair compound later. Step5.Matching the color Prepare the color repair compound while the adhesive is drying. Refer to the provided color chart. Choose from the 7 provided colors by using the spatula to mix small amount of color until correct shade is achieved. If you need to lighten the color, add small drops of white paint and if you need to darken, add small drops of black paint. Check the color accuracy by rubbing a small amount of the color onto the undamaged vinyl; then, remove the compound with a rag. Step6. Applying the color repair compound Once vinyl adhesive is dry, use the spatula to evenly and neatly apply the repair compound onto the damaged area. Wipe any excess compound from around the hole or damage. Do not overfill the damage area. It is highly recommended to use less compound rather than more. It is easier to add more later if necessary. Next, tape the grain paper over the uncured color compound making sure the outline is directly over the damaged area. Do not move it. If repair is on a vertical surface, tape the grain paper down. Step7. The cure This is the most important step in the repair process. Note: Heating element required. Plug in a hot iron and allow it to warm up for four minutes on a high setting. Place the metal tip of the heat transfer tool directly onto the iron for 2-3 minutes to heat the tool. Then immediately place the metal tip onto grain paper. Rotate the heat tool over the marked circle in a rapid circular motion for 1 minute. For a proper cure, heat must be applied over grain paper. If repair is large, reheat the tool and repeat the procedure as many times as needed until the repair paint is fry. Allow 1-2 minutes for the grain paper to cool. Once cooled, slowly peel off the grain paper and examine the repair. If damaged area is tacky, repeat this step. If there are any pinholes or spots that were not filled in properly, apply small additional amounts of repair compound onto those ares and repeat this step. Note:Without heat transfer tool step After step 6, leave the grain paper to dry for 24 hours. Using a hair dryer can speed up this process. Then, tear off the grain paper and the repair is finished. Customer Reviews: Warning: 1.Avoid eye contact. Do not get on skin or clothing. 2.Do not swallow. 3.Wash thoroughly after handling. Close container after each use. ​ Production Line:

Company Overview:

Huzhou Longtong Chemical Co., Ltd was establish from 1992. Over 20 years professional manufacture experience, we become one of the largest Manufacture on Adhesive in Huzhou City Zhejiang China. Our company covers an area of 22,000 square meters, including 800 square meters of laboratory and we have over 200 employees. We specialize in the production and distribution of adhesive products, and they're well approved by SGS, Reach, RoHs, BSCI, ISO9001:2000 etc. OEM and ODM are both welcomed. We'd like to cooperate with customers from all over the world based on mutual benefit. We always put "Customers First" in our mind and commit ourselves to providing high quality HPPP (Honest, Prompt, Precise, Professional)service to all reliable and esteemed international partners and clients.

Sample Showroom:

Our Showroom is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00. We have various kinds of adhesive & sealant for construction and auto car available for our customers. Feel free to stop by and let our awesome team help you find the item that best fits your project.

Trade Shows:

Longtong Chemical attends more than 10 exhibitions each year to US, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Shanghai etc.Many regular and new customers visited us, and take interested in our products. You can always find something new and different at our booth. Our professinal sales and technical team will be there offering our best service for you.


Having registered trademark of " Visbella", we also have passed ISO9001:2000 quality system authentication.All of our products are well approved by SGS, Reach, RoHs, BSCI, MSDS etc. Please be rest assured about the quality.

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BRADERIE Sauver US $4.6 et Rabais 25% pour QWZ ville pompiers legos blocs de construction pompiers chiffres ville camion éclairer briques jouets pour enfants cadeau avec Classement des produits: 4.9 de Volume ventes au détail: 1 et Derniers prix: US $4.99
Il est nécessaire de vous assurer qu'avant d'acheter un VISBELLA cuir vinyle Kit de réparation colle couleur pâte pour voiture réparation outils à main ensembles siège vêtements cuir bottes déchirures fixer fissures vous disposez de déjà vu et feuilleté les commentaires des clients du produit d'abord. De une façon, vous pouvez être sûr que vous obtenez le bon produit laquelle conviendra à vos demandes. Depuis ce VISBELLA cuir vinyle Kit de réparation colle couleur pâte pour voiture réparation outils à main ensembles siège vêtements cuir bottes déchirures fixer fissures a une bonne qualité, il est parmi les meilleurs négociants apparus maintenant et nombre de gens recommandent ce produit à leur maisonnée et leurs amis. Ces jours-ci, ce produit se trouve être vraiment abordable pour quasiment tout le monde et c'est un très bon achat pour l'argent. Votre personne n'avez pas besoin de produits moins chers s'il pas fera que saboter un travail et ne vous donnera pas le genre de top dont vous disposez besoin dans le produit. Avec le prix plus élevé, vous en votre for intérieur pouvez être sûr sommaire votre argent vaut la dépense dans cet texte.

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