Projecteur Laser Xiao mi jia Original TV 150 pouces multi-langue 4K Full HD avec DOLBY DTS 3D HDR mi Home cinéma

Projecteur Laser Xiao mi jia Original TV 150 pouces multi-langue 4K Full HD avec DOLBY DTS 3D HDR mi Home cinéma


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Note:The International version can't ship to Russian,Russian buyer we will send English version,and we help to change the language to be English interface,and also help install some English video apps.

Read before buy it :Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projection TV 150 inchs Chinese version,normally we will help our customer change the Interface language to English before ship it(need open the box,install the 3-parts APP),we will also will install some other video APP for our customer,like Youtube,dish,Hulu, Netflix,SeriesGuide,IMDB Movies & TV and some other APP X iaomi M ijia Laser Projection TV 150 inchs Internatinal version Support Multi Language Now! Including:English,Spanish,Russian,German,French,Polish,Portuguese,Italian,Chinese,Arabic,Bengai,Tami,Persian,Hebrew,Hindi,Indonesian,Korean,Malay,Poruguese,Turkish,Ukrainian,Vietnamese,Burmese,Gujarati,Telugu,Marathi,Panjabi,etc ,we will not help to install some other video app,and the use manual is English,if you want PDF use manual,please contact with us. Laser Projection Ultra-throw focus, at home to see the giant screen Main Features: Features ALPD 3.0 laser light source technology by Appotronics. In addition to high-quality lasers, the units also features a top-end speaker system for a true cinema experience. Can project a display up to a maximum of 150 inches. Offers a maximum of 5000 lumens source brightness and a 3000:1 static contrast.

Max 150 inch projection screen

Make your home become a private movie theater

The large projection screen of 80-150 inches can easily adjust the size according to the size of the walls of the home.

Watch a cool movie on a big screen, listen to a concert you love, or play a game.Feel the sense of being on the scene

Ultra-throw focal lens Mi laser projector comes with a 0.2333:1 large depth of field and has an ultra-short focal lens design. The projector screen can be placed in the TV cabinet with the size adjusted to fit in. The laser projector itself only needs to be placed 50cm away from the wall in order to deliver 150-inch screen projection. You donrsquot need to manually focus the lens as it fine tunes itself. Anti-look sensor Automatic detection, to avoid laser eyes. The use of projection reflection imaging principle, effectively reduce the radiation and fatigue of the human eye. Each side of the lens to join a anti-look directly to the sensor, when someone close automatically detect the human body, and instantly to minimize the projection brightness, to avoid direct laser eyes, care vision Double full frequency + Dual high frequency high fidelity speakers Have a good picture, how can the lack of good sounds? Built-in high-power dual full-frequency+dual high-frequency high- fidelity speakers. Unique cavity inverted tube design, support Dolby, DTS dual decoding, at home can also have cinema-level audio-visual enjoyment. 25000+ hours long long light source life Light peak photoelectric ALPD 3.0 laser light source technology, can effectively ensure that the light source life of more than 25,000 hours or more to meet the needs of more than 10,000 movies (2 hours / min calculation), so good time to accompany the film 5.4 um pixel DMD chip 2.07 million reflective lenses, so that the big screen can see every inch of the screen Small chip with more than 2.07 million 5.4um reflective lens, each lens is like a small mirror to 16.66 million times / second frequency independent flip plusmn 17 deg, the different colors of light converged to ultra-short focus laser lens , Eventually showing high definition screen. 3000:1 High central contrast as movie theater

New high-power cooling system

Many people will worry that prolonged use causes the machine to overheat and affect the use of safety. The new cooling system, equipped with three large fans, and each module designed a special outlet channel to optimize the flow of air between the module, with the heat pipe to heat the convergence, fast and efficient machine will send the heat, To achieve the desired cooling effect. Rich interface configuration Machine a total of 10 expansion interface, office entertainment can be met. Can be computer, speakers, microphones, game handles and other connections to meet the needs of different enthusiasts.

More than 200 parts customize by Xiaomi

Technical Specifications

Basic Information Model Mi Laser Projector 150" Dimensions 410mmtimes291mmtimes88mm Weight 6.9kg Basic Functions Lens focus Motor focus Dust cover Glass Dust Cover Optical Parameters Display technology 0.47"DMD Light technology ALPD Standard resolution Full HD (1920times1080) Projection Parameters Frame refresh rate 60/120Hz ([email protected] is recommended for best results) Lens focal length 18.08mm Projection ratio (TR) 0.233 Picture size 80"-150" Keystone correction 8-Point Keystone Correction, 4-Point Keystone Correction System Parameters CPU T962X Cortex-A53 Four 1.8gHz cores/64 bit RAM 2G DDR4 Built-in storage 16GB eMMC high speed flash memory System Software Operating system Google Android TV Compatibility Google Android Player APP Store Google Play Store AV wireless transmission Chrome Cast Brightness mode Dynamic, movie, standard Dynamic image Supports HDR Audio Speaker stereo Full rangetimes2 + high-frequencytimes2 (Total asymp 30w) 22 Remote Bluetooth remote Mi Bluetooth Remote Safe Eye Protection Laser TV eye protection Body sensor (can close) Power Supply Built-in power supply Built-in AC-DC, DC-DC Case Power Supply Indicator Breathing white light Electrical Specifications Noise level <[email protected] standard mode/ambient temperature 25℃ /distance 1m Power consumption <250W(max)@ dynamic mode Power input 100-240V 50/60Hz Standby power consumption <0.5W Safety and Protection Smart temperature control Automatic brightness adjustment, smart fan speed adjustment Temperature switch Overheating auto-shutdown Hardware Upgrades Replaceable master processor design Upgrade hardware via customer service Others Storage temperature -20 o C~55 o C Operating temperature 0 o C~40 o C Operating humidity 20%~80% Power line X 1 Remote control X 1 Remote control battery X 2 Wiping cloth X 1

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Vous devez vous assurer qu'avant d'acheter un Projecteur Laser Xiao mi jia Original TV 150 pouces multi-langue 4K Full HD avec DOLBY DTS 3D HDR mi Home cinéma vous avez déjà vu et feuilleté les commentaires des chaland de cet accessoire d'abord. De une façon, vous pouvez se présenter comme sûr que vous gagnez le bon produit qui conviendra à vos demandes. Depuis ce Projecteur Laser Xiao mi jia Original TV 150 pouces multi-langue 4K Full HD avec DOLBY DTS 3D HDR mi Home cinéma a une bonne qualité, il est parmi les meilleurs vendeurs de la ville maintenant et bon nombre de gens recommandent ce produit à leur groupe social et leurs amis. Ces jours-ci, ce produit se révèle être vraiment abordable pour presque tout le monde mais aussi c'est un très formidable achat pour l'argent. Vous en votre for intérieur n'avez pas besoin de produits moins chers s'il non fera que saboter un travail et ne vous en votre for intérieur donnera pas le genre durable dont vous disposez de besoin au sein des. Avec un prix plus élevé, vous en votre for intérieur pouvez être sûr sommaire votre argent vaut cette dépense dans cet article.
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