Grand décapant ultrasonique de carburateur de 30L avec le contrôle de bouton pour les accessoires industriels de matériel

Grand décapant ultrasonique de carburateur de 30L avec le contrôle de bouton pour les accessoires industriels de matériel


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30L Large Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner with Knob Control for Industrial Hardware Accessories Golf Clubs Motor/Auto Parts

Feature of Ultrasonic Cleaner

1、Die casting SUS304 anti-corrosion and wear-resistance stainless steel tank

2、40KHz ultrasonic wave does well in cleaning stuffs with blind holes.

3、Heating function beneficial to removing oil and wax.

4、Mechanical timer and heating control

5、Stainless steel drain valves resistant to weak acid and alkali.

6、Cleaning solution-saving, energy-saving and labor-saving.

7、Industrial grade integrated circuit.


  • Metal parts: Forks, knives, spoons, can openers, hair clipper blades, razor blades, watch chains, valves, tattoo needles, surgical equipment, guns military, tubes, carburetors, oil filters, machine nozzles, pen-heads, print heads, shaver heads,inkjet cartridges, motorcycle radiators, engine cylinder heads, electronics components and mechanical parts.
  • Precious Metal: ancient coins, jewelries, rings, earrings, hold ornaments, necklaces, bracelets, badges.
  • Stones&Ceramics: Seals, dentures, porcelain cups, bowls etc.
  • Glass and Glassworks: Glasses, optical lenses, ashtrays, waterproof watches, test tubes.
  • Others: Baby nipples, baby feeder bottles, fruits, vegetables, toothbrushes, PCB, golf clubs.


1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner

1 x Cleaning Lid

1 x SUS304 Stainless Steel Cleaning Basket

1 x Industrial Power Cord

1 x User Manual


1. Full name is necessary for delivery, especially for Russian Customers.
2. As to orders in Russia, products will be dispatched from our Russian warehouse directly.
3. As to orders from other countries except Russia, all products are dispatched from China and the most economic shipping way will be chosen in default. However, DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT is also available with an extra freight cost charged.
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1. The warranty time is ONE YEAR, i.e. any defective part can be replaced freely within 1 year. Besides, beyond one year warranty time, any part which is not damaged intentionally can be replaced with the part value and freight cost charged.
2. If it is necessary to send the product back, please contact us about how to arrange the shipment in advance, and kindly pay the freight cost for dispatching it back to us.


1. Generally all products will be configured under the default local voltage and with the default plug. If there is a special requirement, please advice the right voltage and plug type in advance. We won’t bear any liability for the problem caused by the wrong voltage or plug type if we are not noticed properly.
2. There shall be a little sound "zizizi" while the machine is working normally.


1. Please add enough water into the tank before starting the machine, however, please don’t make the fluid level be higher than the max mark.
2. For long service life consideration, it is recommended not to run the ultrasonic cleaner continuously for more than one hour at a time.
3. Please keep the lid closed when the ultrasonic cleaner is working so as to prevent cleaning solution from splashing and reduce evaporation of the solution.
4. Please always place items gently into the tank with the cleaning basket and do not drop any item into the tank directly because it may damage the transducers or the tank.
5. DO NOT spray water or liquid over the device and the control panel.
6. Please pay attention to keeping the device clean and cutting off the power when you don’t use it.


1. Your 5-star positive feedback will be highly appreciated and a great guide to other buyers.
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