Original XGIMI H1 projecteur Home cinéma 300 pouces 1080P Full HD 3D 3 GB/16 GB Android 5.1 Bluetooth Wifi Suppor4K DLP TV projecteur

Original XGIMI H1 projecteur Home cinéma 300 pouces 1080P Full HD 3D 3 GB/16 GB Android 5.1 Bluetooth Wifi Suppor4K DLP TV projecteur
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XGIMI H1 This is Xgimi H1 International version, Support English, Chinese, Thai, German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian.

Meet Your Future Home Theater

H1 Smart Projector with Harman Kardon Built-In Stereo

H1 by XGIMI is an amazing smart projector that replaces any home theater with an elegant single-cable box.

The XGIMI H1 is our new & improved Smart LED projector that can truly display the clarity and precision of TRUE HD 1920 x 1080p, rivaling far more expensive projectors transforming any surface into a 300-inch screen with unparalleled brightness and clarity.

Experience superior Hi-Fi sound quality with the 45mm built-in Harman Kardon stereo sound that can also be used as a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker.

Bring standard 2D video to life in brilliant 3D. Install apps and games with H1’s Android OS and stream directly to the projector for a truly connected, superior viewing experience.

XGIMI in the Press

Breaking new ground with innovative technology by creating extraordinary new products.

XGIMI has won two coveted CES Innovation Awards for its smart projectors. The H1 achieved an Honoree Award in the High Performance Home Audio/Video category, while the Z4 Aurora secured the Best of Innovation in the Portable Media Players and Accessories category

The annual CES Innovation Awards program rewards outstanding design and engineering across 28 consumer technology categories. The world-renowned event is the most coveted in the consumer technology industry.

Total Immersion Entertainment

H1 comes fully loaded with the widest range of top specs. Stream, game, connect, and entertain with H1.

H1 for All

Enhance your entertainment experience with H1 for movies, TV, gaming, and music.

Stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and clips from Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

Connect with your smartphone or console to enjoy immersive gameplay.

Stream music with Hi-Fi Harman Kardon 45mm dual unit stereo.

Setup is easy with H1. Seamlessly navigate your way through presentations with wireless connectivity.

H1 App Opens Endless Possibilities

The's H1 Sleek Remote Is Full Of Surprise Features

Control your entire home theater system with H1’s wireless, bluetooth enabled remote.

H1 remote is a gaming controller and cursor all rolled into one. Entertainment is effortless with one connected remote.

The elegant, uniquely designed H1 integrates with your home seamlessly.


The Ultimate in True Clarity - 1080p Projection

H1’s native resolution is HD 1080p, 2.25x clearer than standard 720p projectors.

H1 Projects Perfect High-Res 3D Display

H1 uses DLP active shutter 3D imaging (cinema-grade technology) to convert any 2D video into a 3D feature film on a 300” display.

Massive 300” Display

You can turn any location into an immersive theater with easy, portable setup. See below the screen sizes based on the distance of the device to the screen wall.

Built-In Harman Kardon Superior Sound Quality

H1 has top of the line Harman Kardon bass-enhancement which ensures Hi-Fi quality for all sound ranges. Plus, H1 is a bluetooth speaker.

New High-Performance Processor Speed Will Blow You Away

H1 boasts the brand new Mstar 6A928 TV chip, Cortex A17 structure, Quadcore 1.75GHz CPU, HEVC/H.265 form 60fps ultra HD 4K decoder and 3GB RAM. H1’s sophisticated hardware delivers on all of your video, app, and gaming needs.

Zero Maintenance, Energy Efficient LED Light Source

You never need to replace the bulb. Keep H1 on 8 hours a day for up to 10 years.

Get excited to enjoy the convenience and ultimate protection from the H1 customized carry bag

Their super fast 144Hz refresh rate (backwards compatible to slower 120Hz, 100Hz, or 96Hz) significantly reduces blurring and ghosting, while their stylish, lightweight design increases comfortability and portability. 4K and 1080p are both supported, keeping imagery beautiful, vivid, and lifelike. Plus, they even accommodate eyeglasses without discomfort. No emitter required. Works with H1 and all DLP Link 3D projectors.

Keystone Correction

Project A Clear Image From Any Angle - Keystone Correction Set Free

H1 projects a crystal clear 300” screen from any angle with its proprietary wide range keystone correction. Product Show ​

Top Quality In Every Component

Actual H1 Picture Quality Preview


What is H1?

H1 is the world's first true 1080p projector that can project lifelike pictures up to 300" wide, has built-in Harman Kardon stereo and runs Android OS, all at an accessible consumer price.

Why should we use H1?

H1 allows you to enjoy an amazing screenless 1080p audiovisual experience with high-definition Harman Kardon stereo, at an affordable price.

What features are available?

True 1080p projection quality, 300'' display capability, 3D support, 2D-to-3D functionality, optical zoom function, bluetooth speaker, 35˚ (vertical) and 30˚ (horizontal) keystone correction, Android operating system, streaming ability, plus a bluetooth remote control with an embedded gravity sensor cursor.

What is the uniqueness of the technology?

Unlike a traditional LCD projector, H1 uses LED technology. The lifetime of an LED bulb is much longer and is far less likely to overheat than a typical projector bulb. H1 is much smaller and more portable than a traditional projector. Compared to standard Pico projectors that only support 1080p, H1 projects true 1080p physical resolution. H1 also has a higher lumen count than most Pico projectors. H1’s 3D functionality and its vertical and horizontal keystone correction capabilities are more advanced than any other product in this market.

Will there be updates to H1 in the future?

Yes - the Android OS will continue to optimize and update over time.

How does H1 integrate with other connected devices?

Other devices (smartphone, PC, tablet, laptop) can be connected to H1 with mirror display. TV boxes and gaming consoles can be connected through H1’s HDMI port. Hard drives and thumb drives can be connected through H1’s USB ports.

Does H1 have an app? Which phones does it work with?

We have an app (XGIMI Assistant) to control and manage apps on H1. This app is compatible with iOS, and Android.

How does H1 connect to the XGIMI Assistant app?

Access to Google Play store and smart remote control functionality. The XGIMI Assistant app is simple and intuitive.

How do I set H1 up?

H1 will come with an adapter, designed for H1 use only. Attach the adapter to the bottom of H1 by taking out the 4 screws in the bottom of H1. So H1 can be matched with different stands (X-Floor, X-Wall, etc.)

How do I turn H1 on and off?

Slide the H1's lens cover to turn it on/off or use the remote control to turn it on/off.

How long will H1 last?

Besides the sturdy material of H1's surface, it utilizes a highly efficient LED light source, allowing its projections to stay perfectly crisp, clear and bright for its entire lifespan - up to 10 years, with 8 hours of daily use.

Will H1 come with an international adapter that enables it to work with every standard outlet?

Yes! All H1 orders will include a global power adapter, so customers can travel with H1 all over the world. Note:about the voice searching function of the remote controller,H1 of international version doesn't have voice searching function,as shown on the user manual. ​

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